“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”   Jim Morrison

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”  Robert Kennedy

“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”   Virginia Woolf


Masks, social distancing, censorship, economic devastation, contact tracing, mandatory vaccinations, digital health passports, Covid internment camps and a return to feudalism. This isn’t a long depressing title for a political horror movie on HBO, but rather the world that we currently live in, the one you and I have helped to co-create over the years. Years of neglect, denial, indoctrination, and passive compliance have led us here. There’s no side but the truth left to join. We’re cornered, and there’s no spin that can be put on it by corrupt journalists or mentally troubled social media coders who run your life without your permission. Left and right are figments of your imagination.  We are the games that people in power play. Think about it this way: politics are the entertainment division of the global government that runs the world. 

You might ask why one would create a world without humanity? A world devoid of human touch fueled by fear, ignorance, propaganda, and division? A world that forces the hourly wage employees to be masked for 8 hours a day while serving unmasked wealthier consumers who breathe freely at their dinner tables. A world that rewards people who have cushy stay at home jobs they can do in their PJ’s while the father of 4 on the corner needs to close his shop because his business isn’t considered “essential”. When looking at this paradigm it’s easy to see why one class is feeling relieved and cared for during their extended Covid staycation, and one class is being decimated.  

You might be thinking: “It isn’t me! It’s this idiot president we have! He’s the reason everything is so upside down. We’re gonna vote him out of office and everything will go back to normal.” Well, maybe there’s another story that is worth exploring…

I remember being at Obama’s inauguration in 2009. We were filming the documentary Waiting For Superman and had an interview lined up the very weekend of the inauguration. D.C. was insanely crowded, and bone-chillingly cold. Though we didn’t care. The fact that Obama was elected was how we knew we’d be ok. Was I naive? I watched Michelle and Barack have their first dance at the inaugural ball, alongside Joe and Jill Biden. We believed in something and that night in Washington DC, after walking the length of the city in stilettos and a gown in freezing temperatures it was worth all the discomfort because we had finally arrived someplace indescribable. For a moment in time, all seemed right with the world. Our world anyway. But what about the other Americans? What about the invisible ones? The people whose families had died in 9/11, the disillusioned soldiers who fought wars based on lies, the parents of children with autism, and those whose children were missing. Thousands of children go missing every year, and federal investigations are now three years deep in allegedly implicating every person of power that’s ever graced the White House. There are now whistleblowers from all three letter agencies dating back to Clinton who have blown open the tightly sealed books on everything from Benghazi, to 9/11 to child pedophilia in the United States and around the world. Far bigger than Jeffrey Epstein, the stories are far uglier than our minds can handle. It’s too much to bear…the dirty laundry, and grisly facts terrorize us. Is it possible we just can’t handle the truth so we’ve made a tacit agreement with the media to omit what’s too difficult to process?  You protect us, and we’ll protect you kind of thing? Well, I think that unconscious agreement is about to dissolve.

Perhaps the current president is just another manifestation of the world we created, when we ignored the media that lurked outside our cool little urban cliques.  As adults, did we become minds that were incapable of adjusting to new information? Unable to integrate the truth into our daily lives? How much fun would cocktails on Venice Beach have been in 2002 if we actually devoted a portion of happy hour to questioning 9/11? Not a lot. In fact, that was the beginning of not being permitted to question something big and devastating in the United States. The truth is, if you were really paying attention, if you were curious, you’d have figured it out on your own.  Now, there are thousands of hours of documentaries, radio shows with engineers and investigative journalists who never stopped questioning the official narrative. In fact, some say 9/11 was the beginning of the Truther movement. If this is making you angry or uncomfortable, then you’re right where you should be. You could be discovering the denial in your heart. You are coming face to face with your secrets. The ones that keep you angry, sick, and small. The very bits of you that cause your depression, anxiety, confusion and inability to truly listen to another person. That hairy monster that makes your skin crawl is called the Truth, and it’s what you deny inside of you. That’s part of the story of how we got here. Charles Eisenstein calls it the story of separation. In the story of separation, what we as individuals do is separate from what happens to the planet, or to other people. In the new story, we are all part of one living organism and what happens to the branches of one tree in South America directly affects the person sitting on a bench in New York City. If one person is enslaved, we all are.

A key component in recalling our lost power as free people is calling out censorship and removing any and all financial support from the parties, entities and political figures that have joined forces with big tech to purposefully keep Americans in the dark about the most important matters that affect our health and safety. These acts are a violation of the law and a violation of our human sovereignty and they won’t go unpunished.  There is ample proof that high ranking members of Congress have been working hand in hand with big tech to deceive the American public through one of the most ruthless censorship campaigns ever witnessed in what we still oddly call a democracy. As we know, we either have freedom of speech and democracy or we have censorship and authoritarianism. Never both.  Some say, “I don’t believe it.” “I don’t see censorship”. I say, people see what they want to see. You may not see fluoride in your water, aluminum in the air, or glyphosate in your food, but it’s there.  I became aware of the new algorithms in December 2019 when all the holistic doctors and coaches I follow online were heavily shadow banned. Shadow banning is a technique social media engineers use to downgrade a user’s visibility to their followers. Perhaps you have 500,000 followers but your post is only seen by 8 people because the algorithms exclude anything related to 5G, viruses, and holistic healing. These are common subjects that are censored currently. I didn’t think much about it until Covid hit. Then I thought a lot about it. From that point onward, anything and everything that was alternative was banned- especially prominent doctors around the world speaking out against the fraudulent science peddled by the CDC which then became the pretext for abusive policies to strip free people of their rights.  Most mainstream viewers assume they aren’t affected by censorship if they don’t know about it. This is the type of circular reasoning that makes me want to drink hot sauce till my eyes bleed. Just a thought: is it possible you don’t know censorship exists because your searches are the result of what has been intentionally curated for you, as opposed to what’s actually organically out there? In fact, if you watched the documentary The Social Dilemma, that’s exactly what the original masterminds behind Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google all admit. They acknowledge that they played God and decided what your personality was going to be based on the data they were mining through their search engines. They manipulate our lives, thoughts, and political opinions without us having a single clue it is happening. These particular techies who are now the godfathers of social media acknowledged that they were arrogant and that once the genie was out of the bottle they realized the horror of what they had helped create in the world and that humanity was on the brink of destruction because of it. Throughout the film, I realized that the original arrogance that led them to create a system of mind control didn’t stop once they admitted what they had done and made a confessional film about it. They still attempted to sell the message that their version of the truth is far superior than ours could ever be. This is illustrative of the typical push and pull tactic of an abuser. What they excluded from the film was addressing the most important attack on our society and should have been the focus of the film: the genesis of online censorship. (If you want to understand the whole story behind Google, social media and the birth of authoritarian censorship in the US, I strongly advise watching the Zach Vorheis interviews I mentioned in my first essay.)

With the explosion of social media, smart phones, and gaming addictions we became unable to pry ourselves away from the ego boosts, likes, and fans of a virtual world that was at times more interesting than our real ones. Now everyone has become a celebrity in their own way. This gave way to the epidemic of narcissism that continues to plague our country, and seeps into every crevice of the planet. Soon cell phone towers covered the earth, and we were in a never-ending mania to upgrade and extend wifi ranges. We ignored the scientists, mothers, and doctors who pled for some oversight as chronic disease due to electro magnetic frequencies grew exponentially. We were becoming highly connected, yet highly disconnected, (not to mention toxic as hell) faster than any species ever has before. Add reality television to the mix (which I am a guilty participant in) and we LITERALLY trained the public to be incapable of discerning fact from fiction. That was intentional and the damage hasn’t gone away. It’s only gotten worse. That’s when TV entirely bought out news, and news become nothing but entertainment. In 2011 President Obama eliminated the Fairness Doctrine which had previously called for fair and balanced reporting in the news.  Fact, truth and integrity were no longer required by law. Yet no one seemed to care. We were too caught up in something other than our democracy. Over the last fifteen years, every last network and publication got bought out by a small handful of people and those people became your gurus. Without consent or admission, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos turned into our masters. And we, their willing slaves. We even pay them to enslave us! Soon Orwellian mantras like “safer at home” and “we’re all in this together” repeated in the news day after day (the very definition of programming) would become our own. Other people’s memes on social media would replace original ideas we were once proud of. Art would become watered down, because truth fuels creativity and suppression of it fuels artistic laziness. Find the truth and you’ll find the greatest piece of art you’ve ever created. You’ll probably find many creative outlets you never knew existed inside you. Because you are a child of God, and your truth can never be suppressed. Ever. Find it, nurture it, believe in it, and never let it go ever again. 

Remember the weapons of mass destruction we never found in Iraq? Remember the mainstream media programming you to link Iraq and 9/11 even though there was no proof?  Remember the Vietnam War? The infamous incident at the Gulf of Tonkin? That NEVER actually happened!  Historically, crimes against humanity have been sold to the Unites States in a package of lies so we would send innocent soldiers to perish for no reason other than to placate the US egos that run the country. The 2008 recession can otherwise be known as the biggest wealth transfer in history.  And now Covid.  According to every medical journal to date, including the New England Journal of Medicine and also publications from the CDC, the Covid 19 virus has never been isolated. Therefore, the PCR test we use relentlessly to determine positive cases (which have a 93% false positive rate), are rendered entirely useless. Remember, a goat and a papaya tested positive for Covid 19. Remember how in 2020 the flu miraculously disappeared? Note that now thousands of home videos have been made of PCR tests being sent off to the lab after swabbing a puddle or a pet, and have come back positive for Covid 19. We’ve been through this deception now so many times that I believe humanity is finally being forced to evolve. It’s being called ‘The Great Awakening’ and its been going on since 9/11, which was the first big authoritarian power grab that changed us as Americans. After 9/11, we no longer felt we deserved privacy so we gave it away for the illusion of safety. This in turn paved the road for complete and total government control as we’re experiencing today. None of this would be conceivable or possible without 9/11. Do you still believe that having your privacy stolen and sold is reasonable? Are you safer now?

We are being forced to confront our own troubled minds and the reasons why we look the other way as often as we do when we are being called to do just the opposite. It’s the same players, selling you the same fear theatre, assuming you will continue to fall for the same old tricks. Though maybe not today. We allow other people to do our dirty work for us. The Abbie Hoffmans, the MLKs, the Bobby Kennedys, the RFK Jrs, the Rachel Carsons, the Mikki Willises, the Delores Cahills . They can’t do it alone. So if there’s one thing you and I can do to assist our culture in evolving beyond the illusions of equality and democracy that have plagued our history, simply take baby steps into the truth. Read or listen to one piece of news outside mainstream media and outside your comfort zone. When I say mainstream media I am referring to any piece of news or media that is funded by advertisers. That includes NPR, BBC, ALL of the TV networks, both cable and local, and ALL U.S. newspapers. Use the list below as a guide, and take it from there. Dig around, be your own detective.  Another suggestion is try spending one hour alone in nature without any distractions and ask yourself the question: “Am I living in alignment with nature? Are my thoughts and actions congruent with a system higher than the government?” Although it may be scary and disheartening at first, it will ultimately free you to achieve your full potential here on planet earth.  The idea that we’re “all in this together” means the very opposite of having your face covered. It means now more than ever, be brave and speak your truth. The brutal dictatorship that has taken hold in parts of Australia amplify this notion of “where we go one, we go all.” Our governments are no longer separate. We seem to be moving into a world governance system put in place by the UN and backed by the World Bank and the WHO (not the rock band). It appears that Australia, the UK, Canada and several states in the US (namely California and NY) are the pilot programs. Every few weeks they outdo each other with outrageous dictatorial mandates for their confused citizens. Just the other day, King Newsom proclaimed new restrictions for the upcoming holiday season: Californians can only have a total of six guests to their homes from no more than two other households, (three including the hosts) for a maximum of two hours (provided there’s no singing). They must maintain the six feet apart social distancing mandate including the dinner table seating layout and the gathering is to take place outside. Now not all of California is sunny warm this time of year- in fact there are even areas in the southern part of the state (up in the mountains for example) which will be blanketed in snow come Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve known many people who have grown up in punishing communist countries and this is more draconian than any holiday story I’ve ever heard of in any of those countries. You might say, “well maybe they weren’t in the middle of a pandemic!” Again, in a free country, there is no circumstance where people’s civil liberties can be stripped. Especially in light of the fact that this virus has a lower fatality rate than the flu. Have you even been told how to host Thanksgiving if someone had the flu? Absurd. People think it’s funny, because it is so absurd! However this isn’t funny at all. What’s even less funny is how they can enforce these (illegal) mandates. If you haven’t been curious or interested in 5G, that might be a subject you should familiarize yourself with. Unless of course you are one of the many millions of people around the world who feel that freedom isn’t worth having anymore or that freedom has become too dangerous for ordinary people, or as I’m starting to hear more and more: freedom is synonymous with selfishness. This brand of programming was a very common tactic in Nazi Germany and in Soviet Russia. This is how the programming works. You want to feel included and safe, so you play along with what the crowd is doing.  As history teaches, there’s nothing more dangerous to mankind than that blind obedience. Apparently, freedom in the US is only now relegated to government officials, like every proper banana republic. I’d love to see what Gavin Newsom’s Thanksgiving will look like this year! Something tells me it’s going to be a large gathering of sweaty people without masks, singing, laughing and snorting coke off the backs of hookers. Are you there Project Veritas? It’s me, Michelle.  

The constitution was specifically designed so that government serves us when we need it, and leaves us alone when we don’t. Freedom is our nature, not enslavement. Freedom begins in the mind. Is your mind free? Our current belief system supports being imprisoned but something else is happening too. Something pretty cool. Our consciousness is expanding. That is what is being asked of us now. In the spiritual circles it’s called “ascension”. There’s even a term for the overload of information that’s causing otherwise healthy people to have headaches, fatigue, nausea, and depression. They call it “ascension madness”.  What is required in order to relieve those symptoms is to accept the process and allow the awakening to unfold. This is how cognitive dissonance can be tackled. That’s it. You don’t need to save the world, run for office, or be the Abbie Hoffman that went to jail for standing in the light of his truth in the 60’s. 

To be awake is what’s needed. To step into your own power for perhaps the first time in your life. Being indoctrinated into a world of rules and false beliefs means that speaking your truth makes you immediately feel vulnerable. It’s not easy to do and it’s something we’ve been conditioned against doing. In the Middle East there is still the practice of stoning someone who steps outside the medieval belief systems in place. Here in the United States, we ridicule, censor and cancel. The time is now to raise our consciousness so we can alchemize the darkness that is bubbling up around us.  The idea is not not to live or dwell in the darkness. The idea is to allow the darkness to dissolve along with the systems that no longer serve us. Watch them crumble like a bad marriage. Knowing that somehow with one foot in front of the other we’ll be ok. Sling that backpack over your shoulder and head for the rolling hills of freedom my friends. I promise you with each thick layer of grisly truth you uncover, you will be rewarded with waves of abundance and clarity, unlimited emotional freedom, and the rediscovery of all the dreams you buried beneath your own voice.  

As a producer, I like to watch other documentaries and observe where the world’s thoughts are through the lens of this medium. Recently, I watched one that sent messages that were disturbing, accurate, and multi-layered all at the same time. 

For anyone who hasn’t seen The Vow, a documentary series on HBO about the cult NXIVM, run by self-proclaimed genius and guru Keith Reniere, the message is a good one: until you leave a cult, you have no idea you’re in a cult. This may seem obvious, but it’s a complex mess when you’re inside of it. Cult programming can be transplanted to anything: an abusive relationship, a toxic workplace, a political party, or subconscious programming that’s hidden in plain sight. For me, that was the big take away, and it was mind-blowing to watch because I felt as if I was actually living the parts of Bonnie and Mark, the two lead characters who had been cult-members and then managed to wake up and break away. Why do some people break away from cults on their own and some stay till the bitter end? I observe friends and family members in horror and fascination as they follow orders to mask up, and isolate from others, while obediently acquiescing to temperature taking, contact tracing, and unnecessary surveillance.  I am watching history unfold and feel I am being given a front row seat to the rise of the Nazi party in 1933.  I too was asleep until my world drained of color and life turned to black and white, after a devastating vaccine injury left me bed-ridden and neurologically compromised for many years until I was finally diagnosed with mercury poisoning. Sometimes it takes a disaster to pry our eyes open. Like parents who witnessed their children go from typical to autistic in the space of 48 hours, or the child who finds out the cancer that killed their parent was entirely preventable had conventional medicine just been transparent. If you are skeptical that these stories are true, I ask you: what is it in your own world that’s right in front of your eyes that you resist? What do you deny? What is it that you won’t look at? You’ve been shown the proof.

Recently, in a conversation with an older Armenian woman who escaped the Soviets in 1974 and now lives in Glendale, she stated that she is afraid to take off her mask in public even though she is older and it restricts her breathing (naturally). She is also concerned for her father who is in his 90’s and is forced to be masked because in Glendale you can be fined for not wearing one despite long standing ADA protections. Revolting. These are brutal and inhumane government mandates that all civilized societies have now agreed are unequivocally crimes against humanity, especially among the disabled, the elderly and children. This woman said that she felt that the United States now is less free than the communist country she escaped from back in the 70’s. Imagine that. This is a common feeling among people who have grown up in communist countries or dictatorships. Sometimes when you’re in an abusive relationship, it takes a third party to tell you what’s actually going on in your own life. 

When the world rises up, there will be no bunker deep enough for these perpetrators to hide in. Save these essays, they may just be more news than any news you’ve been exposed to in a long time. 

My wife and I travel about an hour and 15 minutes to Temecula to shop at an amazing organic supermarket we love. There are supermarkets closer, but this one is civilized about that fact that we don’t wear masks. It’s like a throw back to living in a free country. I feel safer there because I’m surrounded by tolerance as opposed to fear. The last time I was there, while waiting in line for the bathroom, I noticed a employee cleaning who was wearing a blue surgical mask. You know, the kind of disposable paper mask that we now know is lined with PTFE (TEFLON). Teflon causes a plethora of diseases including cancer. It’s probably fair to say most sensible folks removed Teflon coated pans from their kitchens back in 2010 yet the sheer number of people donning these particular masks today is astounding. I stared at this woman for a few minutes until I decided I HAD to say something. She obviously had no idea the mask contained PTFE. Once I initiated conversation, she told me she has headaches every day wearing that mask. She said she can’t breathe. Chances are she isn’t speaking up about this to her employer because she fears losing her job. Why should we care about her health? Her breathing? She barely spoke English, probably makes minimum wage, and cleans our fancy supermarket for 8 hours a day while the rest of us run in and out in between zoom calls and socially distanced yoga on the beach.  We’re all in this together though, right?

“What can we do?” you ask. Stop complying.  “But.. my job!” Get another job. “But…my friends!” Get new friends. “But.. my neighbors!” Move. 

Do anything and everything you can so you aren’t fueling the terror. Then, live free in the wide open space of truth. Your headaches will vanish, the pit in your stomach reminding you of that bully in school will be gone. Because no one actually has any power over you. It’s all in your mind. It’s all an illusion. I’ll tell you something that your gut already knows: Covid requirements are just the beginning. Masks are here to stay. Social distancing is here to stay. This is just the beginning of these “mandates” and they have nothing to do with illness. We’ve been living with disease since the dawn of time. In response to this rise in totalitarianism, we are now being called upon to raise our voices, raise our consciousness, and breathe in a new beginning that is rooted in love, not terror. 

I see first hand that more people are waking up to the crimes. I believe that the FDA, the EPA, the USDA, and the CDC will be dismantled and that the majority of its members will be jailed for crimes against humanity. I believe a large number of Congress and some former presidents may be right beside them in those cells. I truly believe this is what’s coming. The larger question is: what replaces a diseased government? If it was conventional wisdom, much like conventional medicine, it would be something artificial like a pacemaker. Though we know better now. We’re seeing beautiful seedlings of this pop up everywhere – homegrown communities where people grow and share food, self govern, and assist one another in living off the grid and in safe communities rather than the weaponized systems we’re under assault by now. In those areas there are less fires, less stress, more peace, and happier/healthier children. Not unlike the Amish community, which homeschools, rips out their electricity, doesn’t vaccinate and has never seen autism or diabetes in their world. Yes, read that line again and really think about it. The answers have always been there, but it was just easier to have everything done for us. One click on Amazon, and suddenly bookstores and small businesses are gone. One click via high speed internet, and now children’s brains are melting with disease at a rate never before seen in the western world. The more they ask, the more you give, and the more they want, the more you comply. Certainly everyone reading this is aware enough of world events to know about the announcement from the Canadian government of internment camps for Covid, and “other things”. These camps are being built at a rapid pace all over the free world, which isn’t even close to free. It’s laughable that anyone could ever refer to the U.S., the E.U., Australia or Canada as free countries right now. Do you have to be in solitary confinement to understand that you don’t have freedom? Freedom means more than being able to pick your Netflix show. It means more than being able to choose which brand of wine you drink. The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence state in no uncertain terms that there is not a circumstance on planet earth (even a pandemic) that will allow for the removal of our liberties as protected under the constitution. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES! The question is, why don’t we have the courage to enforce our constitution today? Where has our courage gone? As RFK Jr. says, “If we’re not the home of the brave, how can we be the land of the free?”.

I’d like to honor some of the outstanding humanitarians and activists who are on the front lines of our current battle for freedom: RFK Jr., Peggy Hall, Sacha Stone, Mikki Willis, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, David Martin, Delores Cahill, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Mayor Renette Senum, Sayer Ji, Del Bigtree, Dr. Buttar, the US Frontline Doctors, the doctors who crafted The Great Barrington Declaration, The New Earth, and The Defenders Alliance.  These are the voices of hope, freedom, and reason. They are the unsung heroes of our day. 

Remember: the more you comply, the more that will be demanded of you. It’s a vicious cycle that only ends with your resistance. Be brave, for you will stand a little taller each time you are. 



**Michelle Katz is a documentary TV Producer, songwriter, and non-fiction essayist. Her education began at Yale University while in High School, studying political philosophy. She then earned a BA in Political Science from Brandeis University, studied International Politics and French at the Sorbonne in Paris, spent a semester at the University of Wisconsin in Madison while living in a student French house, and received an MA in Film and Dramatic Writing from NYU before landing in Los Angeles in 1997. She was a producer on the Sundance award winning film “Waiting For Superman”, the VP of Production at Ovation TV, and is the co-executive producer of the upcoming true crime series Trial 4, launching on Netflix November 13th, 2020. She is also the founder of The Truth Films, focusing on content that documents transformational healing stories and investigates the connection between government corruption and environmental illnesses.**



The New Confessions Of An Economic Hitman (John Perkins) 

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