A few people have asked for my feedback on HR6666 so I decided to address it with an overall review of the major themes that all play into why I believe every American should be questioning any/all legislature and policies that emerge from the existence of COVID 19.

Firstly, I’m writing this not only as an American, a documentary TV producer, small business owner in the county of Los Angeles, but also as the child of two Holocaust survivors, and a survivor of mercury poisoning- a devastating neurological condition that occurred due to a vaccine injury I sustained in 2013 that left me bed-ridden and severely cognitively impaired for over 4 years.

The main concepts I’m going to explore are:

* Mainstream Media, how it works and why it’s unreliable, with an emphasis on Snopes, The Washington Post, censorship, algorithms, and buzzwords like “conspiracy theorists”, “hoax”, and “debunked” — why those words mean something and nothing at the same time.
* Vaccines, pharmaceutical companies and their influence on the media, the CDC, the WHO, Bill Gates and the health of women and children. The Pentagon Study re: flu shots and the Corona virus.
* 5G, the surveillance state, COVID testing, HR6666, and the historical relevance of propaganda. .
* Why this pandemic may swing Democrats over to Trump in 2020 if there is an election.


Imagine two people whispering in Berlin in 1939. One says “I heard a law was passed that all Jews have to get tattoos on their arms and people are very worried, but the Germans are saying it’s just a way to make sure all Jewish citizens get their monthly benefits payment. Why is that so bad? Why are some people making such a big deal out of this?”


During the summer of 1992, I traveled to the Czech Republic and Ukraine to reunite with the family that hid my father during the Holocaust.  The official collapse of the Soviet Union was only one year old at that time. We went into the village of Lvov, a small town in Ukraine near where my father was born, and I remember there was a creepy air of secrecy around us everywhere we went. I was too young to really understand why a communist environment would change human behavior in such a dramatic way. We had to lie about who we were, and the people in the village were lying to one another about what their father had done by hiding my family. We actually stumbled on the house that still belonged to my father’s family but was being occupied by a drunk Ukrainian man who smelled like he had been in captivity for thirty years. Alarmed at the sight of us, he began chain smoking and proceeded to rat out his neighbor because he was afraid we were there to take back the house. He assured us it was all their fault. As kids, we were such Americans that the whole concept of hiding our identity and tattling on our neighbors was creepy and foreign and I just wanted to get on a plane and fly back to NYC, the land of no rules. In supermarkets, there was barely anything to buy and there was a long line to get in. No one made eye contact with one another or with us. I never experienced that energy anywhere before that trip, until this pandemic happened. Although it was Los Angeles 2020, it all rushed back to me. The secrecy, the censorship, judgement of friends and neighbors, fear of being exposed or tracked. The worst part for me during this time is what looks and feels like total brainwashing of the public.  If every single American isn’t looking back at history and asking themselves whether we have shifted into a non-democratic system, then I’m just going to eat magic mushrooms and pizza till some American hero comes to save us from ourselves…

MAINSTREAM MEDIA: 99% of online newspapers, Cable TV, and even alleged fact checking sites like Snopes are ad-based and therefore unreliable in nature. That means that the truth they report is relative to the entities that fund them.

This current system of news media needs to become entirely irrelevant if we’re ever going to move back toward income equality, a democratic system of government with free elections, and a culture focused on health and humanity as opposed to profits. Elon Musk clearly has a more thorough understanding of the Constitution than Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti but somehow he didn’t end up in handcuffs when he re-opened the Tesla factory against state orders recently. Why then, did many of our small business owners throughout the State of California end up handcuffed for doing the same? Clearly money talks when it comes to Newsom, and his disobedience of the Constitution. Maybe the more money he gets from a business the less the virus is transmittable? Many of us who are witnessing the dismantling of democracy, and the sheer abolition of the middle and lower class in favor of the wealthy and big corporations are hopeful that one day Gavin Newsom, Tony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Adam Schiff, and anyone else partially or totally responsible for the conditions we are living under in the name of “safety” be held accountable for their crimes. The Nuremberg laws exist for a reason and under no circumstances, even a “pandemic” should they be violated.  We are often told these draconian policies that infringe on our basic rights are for our own safety. Well, we’ve heard that before. The Nazis had a phrase which covered all abuses of the State: für ihre sicherheit – It’s for your safety.

A recurrent theme in Nazi antisemitic propaganda was that Jews spread diseases. To prevent non-Jews from attempting to enter the ghettos and from seeing the condition of daily life there for themselves, German authorities posted quarantine signs at the entrances, warning of the danger of contagious disease. Since inadequate sanitation and water supplies coupled with starvation rations quickly undermined the health of the Jews in the ghettos, these warnings became a self-fulfilling prophecy, as typhus and other infectious diseases ravaged ghetto populations. Subsequent Nazi propaganda utilized these man-made epidemics to justify isolating the “filthy” Jews from the larger population. (Holocaust Encyclopedia)

As a former media executive and television producer, I am well aware of how ad-based media works. All of the mainstream media outlets including The NY Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and The L.A. Times and especially network news stations get their funding from advertising dollars. Every night, as anyone who has ever watched the news knows, there are dozens of commercials for various pharmaceuticals. This type of direct to consumer advertising is illegal in every other country on the planet except New Zealand. So rather than thinking of commercials as advertising for a product like adult diapers or diabetes medications, think of news programs as advertising for their sponsors, like Monsanto and Pfizer. Due to libel laws in the US, the news doesn’t have to be factual nor does it have to be accurate. Basically, it’s not against the law to lie in the news, either in print, streamed, cable, or on a major network although each outlet will likely have their own standards and practices. They are all just forms of entertainment and they are all essentially owned by the same small handful of people. All of whom profit greatly from your ignorance.  The bottom line is if you are reading or watching or listening to ANYTHING that’s not truly open source reporting, then you are just being brainwashed by advertisers who want to sell you something. Do you ever wonder why The Washington Post (which is owned by the same guy who owns Amazon) never has a headline that reads “The mortality rate for COVID 19 is .2% which is only slightly worse than the flu” or “masks have been proven to be harmful to your health by causing hypoxia and lowering your immune system” or  “why everyone should strengthen their immune system – get some natural Vitamin D, and head out to your local mom and pop store to stock up on fresh oranges”? If these headlines which are all reflective of legitimate science as opposed to CDC junk science circulated, then the whole world wouldn’t feel bullied to order everything they might ever need or want for the next two years on Amazon. This is true synchronicity for Jeff Bezos. What a humanitarian. He is alerting you to how dangerous the world is if you shop outside your home. Hmm…


Snopes seems to think that questioning HR6666 is something only conspiracy theorists do, and rest assured they say, there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s dissect who and what Snopes is and why you should never fact check anything using this site. 

Vani Hari, badass activist has taken Monsanto, the FDA and Big Ag to task with her work surrounding the food industry’s criminal behavior around GMO’s, Glyphosate, and childhood diseases. She eloquently outlines below exactly who Snopes works for, and why they are the worst possible resource for comparing and contrasting facts.  Again, you will never find the truth or evidence based answers about anything if you continue to rely on long form ad-based businesses like Snopes. If you pay them enough money, they’re pretty fast and loose with their facts. The more they get paid the better the facts look. My advice to anyone out there who is curious about the truth, go straight to the source yourself. Listen to an uncut interview with a scientist who isn’t affiliated with a hospital, the CDC, the WHO, or pharmaceutical companies.  Generally those people are banned from the media, but If you really want to understand what is happening, listen to those opinions that have been banned. There is a reason why censorship happens in any country. Censorship is key to dismantling a democracy. There is no way to transition to authoritarianism if freedom of thought is permitted. In the US, it’s a cost based analysis that media companies, pharmaceutical companies, and telecom companies use to ensure that you don’t take your business elsewhere. If you thought your immune system was important, you’d take care of it naturally, and wouldn’t rely on drugs or vaccines. If you thought food was dirty, you’d grow your own. If you knew that you were being watched 24/7 you might downgrade to a flip phone or remove wifi from your home. All pretty bad for their business model. So, it’s much better if you are in the dark this way you can’t do anything stupid, like open your small business back up and take money away from Amazon, or walk along the sand and soak up the healing energy of the ocean. Why would you do that, when you can stay isolated, soaking up the EMF’s from your computer which are now considered a class 1 carcinogen, like tobacco and asbestos. But the really excellent news is that if you can’t absorb enough radiation from your computer or cell phone it’s also in 5G towers surrounding your neighborhood. Because while we were all quarantining, the essential business of putting up 5G towers on every corner in Los Angeles was happening. EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG. But they’re not done, and in order to create a smart grid, the city needs to be shut down. Interesting timing that we happen to be experiencing a pandemic. And if you think, “wait a minute I’ve heard these crazy conspiracy theories before” then it’s possible you’ve officially been brain washed by all the buzzwords used in You Tube, Facebook, and Instagram algorithms. Keep in mind, those entry level bloggers who fact check MIT scientists, and remove their You Tube interviews (because independent science is dangerous), are kids who have been outsourced by companies like Monsanto, Pfizer and Merck to reinforce their image through online news outlets like Vox, Buzzfeed, Wired, and Snopes. They are literally PR reps from chemical companies hired to discredit scientists whose opinion would really obstruct their business model.


HR 6666
In reading the bill, it’s just vague enough to be both alarming and confusing. Spending $1Billion on what is essentially, if you really break it down, a massive surveillance operation is well… there are no words.  I mean, how did we get to a place where the people think its ok for random government workers to pop over unannounced to their homes and test their children for a virus even if they’re not sick?  If we really wrap our heads around what it means to experience a health crisis we would instinctively know that the $1Billion should NEVER be funding a surveillance/testing operation but should instead be funding organic gardens which will increase oxygen in the air thereby making us less susceptible to COVID 19 (see Dr. Bush interview below), and we would educate the country on how the immune system works because in fact most of us have been exposed and have fought it off successfully (Dr. David Katz, Yale), or spend that money on defending ourselves against unsafe drugs and healthcare corruption. COVID 19 has a much lower mortality rate than SARS or MERS and they both disappeared on their own (no vaccine) because as humans, our microbiome adapts — always has, always will. (See Dr Bush interview below) This bill does nothing more than highlight the wrong-headedness of our entire approach, not only to COVID 19, but to privacy, relationships, freedom, health, wellness, and it threatens our most basic human and constitutional rights. When I look around at everyone wearing masks (even though it’s been scientifically proven that they trap toxins and create immune dysfunction), I can’t help but think that this obedience and our inability to think critically or question our government is the real disease, not COVID 19. We need to question EVERYTHING right now. And we need to remove those truth-shredding media outlets that have a financial interest in swaying our opinions with insane propaganda. Remember, the media is selling you a product, and it’s not the truth. 

Some perspective, we are actually dissecting whether $1Billion should be devoted to tracing contacts as opposed to healing our world, one that’s even more broken than ever because someone thought it was justifiable to lock down an entire country and crush a world economy based on false science (which replaced the actual science), manipulated data, and coerced stats.  One fun fact — for every 1% of unemployment there will be 37,000 deaths. (See link below to RFK Jr. interview) That’s 1.3M deaths from unemployment alone. What about allocating money to treat the people who are in recovery and can’t go to AA meetings, or to those who have fallen into depressions because they’re not allowed to go to church, or to children who have been abused because they were denied the childcare they needed?  Why are liquor stores and weed shops essential business but AA meetings and yoga are forbidden?  The claim that contact tracing has been used for a long time in Africa does not make me feel better -water boarding was used for a long time too! So, let’s all agree that accepting the entire premise of COVID 19, what it is, how its transmitted, and how to stay healthy with a new pathogen circulating has been a disinformation campaign from the start. It makes it challenging if not impossible to intelligently dissect the bill itself. Because it’s not a bill — it’s a platform for transferring an insane amount of wealth from the people who NEED it (AMERICANS), to the people who WANT it (APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, BILL GATES).

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes. What are the other purposes?!? Why would they need to come to your house? What happens if you test positive? Does positive mean you’ve been exposed or that you have an active infection? Are the tests now accurate? Many reputable scientists have determined that COVID testing is simply a mirror image of existing RNA all humans have and that anyone whose had a flu shot has already been exposed. (See the work of Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Zach Bush). Note: A recent Pentagon study on soldiers found that those who received the flu shot had 37% higher risk for COVID 19. (See RFK Jr. clip, and Dr. Mikovits clip below)

This bill would (1) enormously expand warrantless “contact tracing” surveillance and measures to enforce punitive measures for policy which is not based on credible science; (2) vastly ramp-up citizens “policing” each other, causing more social divide and unrest; (3) enforce testing and possibly medical procedures against consent; and (4) could possibly be interpreted to grant authority for removal of people from their dwellings- the lack of clarity in how it is written dangerously leaves open its interpretation. Please see the bill text here: congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6666/text

Do you see how open-ended, worrisome, and entirely reckless this bill is? That anyone would contemplate seeing the upside in allocating this amount of money to a surveillance system that further degrades what few civil liberties we have left is the larger issue. In large part the American people, who are resilient, amazing, intuitive and stand for everything good about this country have been deceived by laws that have changed over the past 30 years to allow pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, big Ag, corporations, and mainstream media to gut our democracy. It isn’t about COVID, but the existence of this pathogen is now (hopefully) waking people up to the fact that little by little, bill by bill, germ by germ, our basic human rights have been entirely pulled out from under us. And the more disturbing part is we’re actually consenting to it all, because the people we are supposed to trust are paid by the very people who give us the information we so desperately need to make an informed decision. Please review the links below if you want more unfiltered facts and less big corporation sales pitches to inform your views.

If, after you’ve read this letter and watched the links and resources I’ve provided below, you still believe that HR666 is worth signing into law, then please call or email me directly because I would love to talk to you more about it. Do yourself a favor: don’t give into the instinct you have- your trigger finger-to Google any of the scientists I’ve mentioned here BEFORE you’ve actually listened to them. And even after you have, and you Google them (by the way Google is a sure fire way to be tracked 24/7 I suggest switching to Duck Duck Go), understand that all the links that come up are going to use the buzzwords that are signals to your brain to stop looking at the information you’re looking at. It’s a technique first used by the CIA to ensure the American people that they didn’t need to be looking in the areas they were looking for information. So, don’t be fooled!  Instead ask yourself, why are there a small, but brilliant and pedigreed constellation of scientists and thought leaders all providing evidence-based research who are being targeted, silenced, and in some cases killed? Why is everyone so afraid to hear what they have to say if they really don’t know anything? Imagine the lives that could have been saved if the Russian scientists during the Chernobyl disaster had been able to tell the truth.  In democracies, differing viewpoints aren’t dangerous. Period.

LINKS AND RESOURCES: If you want to educate yourself without the filter of long form advertising like mainstream media then watch and listen to the following links. Even if you don’t agree with the content, you will be 1000x more educated about all things COVID related once you’ve taken the time to remove yourself from the sales people who want to sell you shit you don’t need, like fear, drugs, filthy food, paranoia, and masks (that couldn’t possibly protect you from the nano particles that a virus is made of)!


It has become apparent to me that the corrupt handling of this pandemic is turning millions of progressives and liberals into Trump supporters. If Democrats and/or progressives continue to go down the path of blind obedience, CDC junk science, paying off the large corporations to mock us with their headlines and scare tactics, then we will have one big red country come November. So it’s high time that everyone sat at the same table and listened to some evidence, pulled up those “banned” interviews, read some legitimate science that hasn’t been purchased by Merck, and paid close attention to the concerns that those marginalized by this pandemic have experienced. If we dare to continue ignoring those in the margins we will be sorry come November. Note: I do not belong to either political party.

People want to go back to work not because they want to die from a virus but because they want to live with the self respect that goes along with being able to feed and clothe a family. As a co-worker said recently, “hopefully we won’t open L.A. county for July 4th but the vocal minority who wants a haircut might force us to”. Now that his words are staring at me in black and white it’s even more clear how corrupt our souls have become because of this disease – the disease of fear mongering, of othering, of fact denial, of science denial, of censorship and bullying, of brainwashing and intellectual laziness. I ask that you open your heart, mind, and soul and listen to the works of the scientists and MD’s in the links below or else get used to wearing your MAGA mask for the next 4 years. I’m sending this email to those of you who have asked for a response to HR6666 but feel free to share with others. I know some of the people receiving this do their own activism work, and if you do, please consider bringing people with perspectives that differ from yours into the conversation. It will go much further to unite the country and heal our deepening wounds.

I feel deep empathy for the millions of people who are suffering right now, and feel more than ever that it’s not the virus that is the cause of our suffering, but the ways in which we are handling it. Healing begins with telling the truth.




**For anyone who is interested in the dangerous cocktail that is a vaccine post 1986, and why vaccines are detrimental to our health and are largely responsible for the epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Autoimmune Diseases in women, then Please read PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION written by Dr. Judy Mikovits. I hope the same people who over time recognized the value in Rachel Carson’s (author of Silent Spring) work can see the value and urgency of Dr. Judy Mikovits’s work and the danger of demonizing her. Much like Rachel Carson, we don’t have thirty years to finally come around and realize that silencing her is killing us, although most chemical companies still work hard to discredit the findings of Rachel Carson to this day.