“The masses have never thirsted after truth…whoever can supply them with illusions is easier their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim”

                       – Gustav Le Bon


Living in the mountains during this time of Covid has been a lesson in winding down and listening to the wisdom of the hills and the wildlife. This morning a cat appeared on my property and just sat on a small wooden bridge that connects two pieces of land over a seasonal creek we have. She didn’t seem like she was looking for something, or in need of anything. She was just sitting very still and observing. She was perfectly at peace in the moment.  I aspire to be her, and simultaneously wish I could replace all the politicians in this country with her. We’d be cleansed of corruption in a day. Chronic illness would be gone. And there would be no elusive pandemic to use as a tool for social control, economic destruction, and anything else an endless stream of greed can conceive of. There would just be naps, stretching, and occasional purring.

There is a wide spectrum of thoughts, opinions, and misunderstandings over the pandemic so the only way to really break it down in my mind is to look for truisms. What is true about this situation that cannot be distorted by the ruthless lens of mainstream media? I believe one truism is that connecting with nature heals the body and mind. Another truism is that having freedom over your body is a fundamental human right. Yet another truism is that family and social connections are the building blocks of our happiness, and happiness sustains good health. Another one for good measure: if you observe someone who is hurt or in danger and you have the capacity to help them, you do so or at least you should. Now there are some people that may argue whether these are truisms, but there’s no point in arguing with that because then there’s no common ground to use as a portal into what’s really important. We just get stuck somewhere between semantics and ideology and that’s never useful, especially when people are suffering.

I escaped Los Angeles with my wife and our guitars shortly after the infamous lockdown and mask mandate went into place. Due to a severe case of Mercury poisoning (see previous essay on HR6666), I have suffered from a weakened immune system for many years, so without overthinking it I embraced the masks, gloves, and terror for the first few weeks of the lockdown. I tried not to get swept up in any weird patriotic energy of being “all in it together” or “safer at home” or any of those other mind-numbing slogans.  Maybe I was just too caught up in being worried about my own health and the health of my wife. Either way, I didn’t pick any sides initially. It was, however, the commitment to my health that ultimately led me down a jagged path of conspiracy investigations that still leave me with more questions than answers, which is when I make my way back to the truisms, using them as guideposts.

There was no way after all the years of hard work rebuilding my brain, body and immune system that I was going to let some creepy virus take me out. I’ve been working with teams of functional doctors, scientists, and healers for years to achieve the level of health I have today, and I’m grateful to every single one of them for guiding me to my (now almost complete) recovery. In fact, my journey has enabled me to see health and wellness as something achievable despite conventional medicine, pharmaceutical drugs, and a toxic food supply. Those pieces of our reality that are being forced on us without our consent are in fact what I observe as the main obstacles to good health these days. Sometimes, I look around and think — I don’t know anybody who is actually healthy anymore. Our handyman can only work so many hours a day because of his Lyme disease. My nieces and nephews are on psych drugs. My sister in law has Fibromyalgia and her best friend just got diagnosed with Lyme disease. Another friend is recovering from breast cancer. My other sister in law has Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Mind you, I don’t have a large circle of friends. I have a small group of people I am close with, so factor that into the algorithm I’ve just laid out. My belief is that “healthy” is not just one thing. It’s a lot of things; it’s being able to live without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, it’s living without chronic pain, it’s being happy and having a feeling of genuine wellness. In fact, the people I know who are healthy are the people much like me, who flirted with death on their way to understanding the fundamentals of wellness. It took me years to unwind the damage that my lifestyle, and brainwashed mind did to my body, making it ripe for disease. I learned over the years that much of my ignorance about what I put into my body was the result of a concerted effort by pharmaceutical and Big AG companies who pay substantial amounts of money to media outlets, journalists, and their counterparts in the government to exclude truth from any reporting that is health related.

Thanks to CDC whistleblowers, ethical scientists and investigative journalists who put themselves right out on the edge of safety alongside police and firefighters we have access to the truth. However, you have to look for it. You have to be curious. The bucket of intentional harm resulting from key agencies withholding vital pieces of information to the public includes crucial science on vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, and the use of chemicals in our crops.  But even though we’re sitting on top of a mountain of proof, all pointing in the same direction, at the same motley crew of three letter agencies– the general public has little to no idea what’s really happening. The average person who is not devoting 24/7 to investigating the truth about their food supply, their children’s vaccines, and the drugs their doctor prescribes live blissfully in an alternate universe until the bomb drops one day and their whole life disintegrates as the result of a diagnosis.

Those are the dark nights of the soul that either open the door to unlearning everything you’ve been taught to believe about the world you live in – or destroy you. That’s the fork in the road of life, and all I can say is that one road is way more fun. Buckle up.

“People not only don’t know what’s happening to them, they don’t even know that they don’t know.”

                             -Noam Chomsky


It seems the rant and anxiety of my inner urban maniac has no place to go up on this mountain so like the cat, I slow it down, and watch the birds and the bunnies hop around my yard. I want so badly to ask them what they think of all this insanity. In nature, the answers are simpler because there aren’t animal-run pharmaceutical companies and greasy politicians salivating in the shadows over the chance to make a killing on any crisis that blows their way.  These animals appear happy with what they have. The plant world and the animal kingdom have inherent wisdom when it comes to their health, which we also have, but don’t always use. There is something called Zoopharmacognosy, a behavior in which non-human animals apparently self-medicate by selecting and ingesting or topically applying plants, soils, insects and psychoactive drugs to prevent or reduce the harmful effects of pathogens and toxins.The term derives from Greek roots zoo(“animal”), pharmacon(“drug, medicine”), and gnosy (“knowing”).

An example of zoopharmacognosy is when dogs eat grass to induce vomiting. Pretty smart, eh? Animals also ingest or apply non-foods such as clay, charcoal and even toxic plants and invertebrates, apparently to prevent parasitic infestation or poisoning. In observing nature, we can see the radical contrast between harmonious living that is in line with a more intelligent rhythm of life and the irrational ideological fervor that has bulldozed through our country.  As a result of Covid-19 an already bruised and battered culture was crushed into dust via the mainstream media: a pharmaceutically funded terrorist organization spreading fear and panic throughout our country.  Can’t we just borrow the government of New Zealand for a while, fix the problem, and move on?  Countless pedigreed virologists have told us that Covid-19 is a simple virus to treat. Please, Mr. Fauci: stop saying treatments are unproven just because they work on people and not in fraudulent studies featured in the Lancet. We know your angle, but just give it a rest and slink back into the shadows of corrupt science and your medical cartels. Are you not content enough collecting the payouts you will continue to receive when the patents you personally own come to fruition? A neat piece of history that’s become incredibly important these days is the Bayh-Dole Act passed in 1980. This act allows government scientists to own intellectual property and recoup hefty residuals from the scientific work they do on behalf of the United States government. Wait — isn’t this a conflict of interest?  Is it possible that all the misery we are living through today is the result of forty years of corrupt legislation that has turned a once democratic and representative form of governing into a corporatocracy whereby the only incentive that drives members of Congress, the CDC, and NIH to do anything is their own profit schedule?  As a result of this law, key players such as Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx who are hired to protect the health and well-being of US citizens are in fact working feverishly to do anything and everything to ensure that they recoup the financial rewards on discoveries like vaccines for which they personally hold the patents.

Allegedly, both the president and Dr. Fauci own a piece of HCL (Hydroxychloroquine) but it only pays pennies on the dollar as opposed to the vaccine currently in production which will have the highest payout of any pharmaceutical product on the market. According to Bill Gates, vaccines pay him a twenty to one return, so it would stand to reason that money is not the incentive behind physicians who are pleading with their government for permission to use HCL. The evidence is overwhelming that the obsession many doctors have with HCL is that it works on people who are sick with Covid. That doesn’t require much detective work. If a medication works, we should use it.

In a video that went viral this week (until it was censored by all mainstream media), Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Houston based female Nigerian trained doctor gave an emotional and passionate speech along with the other Frontline Doctors in a press conference in DC regarding her successful use of HCL on 350 of her patients. All 350 people recovered from Covid because she decided to do her job. We’ve seen what happens next in our country when a doctor speaks out about a successful and inexpensive way to move forward and recover from the pandemic. She is slayed. She is censored. She is called a witch, and a conspiracy theorist. Interesting timing since this week is the week of women supporting women, as we saw random black and white pictures of women acknowledging one another on Instagram. Do we only support one another when the meme is trendy? Is supporting another woman, who is also black, and also saving lives not trendy enough for our support? Do Black Lives (only) Matter when white, liberal media moguls say they do? Isn’t everyone bored by this faded script already? So… all doctors and scientists who have concrete answers to the pandemic that fall outside the corrupt model of governance that the CDC has hammered away at in pursuit of complete medical tyranny is conspiracy? Even Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who has thirty years of experience building teams of scientists and blazing through thousands of scientific papers that prove science is not conspiracy? Even Dr. Bob Hamilton who is a frontline pediatrician that has been serving Santa Monica for 36 years? And Dr. Dolores Cahill, one of the most revered virologists and activists in Ireland? (recently fired from the IMI for speaking out).  What about Dr. Simone Gold who has been an ER doctor for 31 years in LA, who received her MD from Chicago Medical school AND her JD from Stanford? Even SHE is a conspiracy theorist for telling you what has worked without fail in her practice for Covid? We can’t be this gullible. Can we be? Are we?

Is the playbook of brainwashing through divisive media propaganda truly working on the masses? Is it really that simple? Joseph Goebbels was the minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda who helped define censorship in Germany as vital to the Nazi’s retention of political control. This office was responsible for controlling the German news media, literature, visual arts, filmmaking, theatre, music, and broadcasting. I guess the job of propaganda and a clean sweep of freedom of speech in a country like the United States that has been telling its citizens that they live in a democracy is no small challenge. The German citizens also didn’t believe there might be another side to the story they were being told. All the smart hard-working Germans thought the same thing, they believed the same memes. Hitler would reunite them with their glorious past and eliminating the Jewish culture was obviously what made sense, because everyone believed it. The circular thinking of confirming something is true because everyone believes it is spellbinding to witness in a country like America, in the year 2020. This work of centralizing information, censoring, and churning it into crucial propaganda takes many levels of coordination and cooperation among many thousands of people. It may feel intellectually awkward or incompatible with your belief system to surrender to this concept but that doesn’t change the fact that it is happening. Our words, films, essays, news programs, and all social media are filtered through a robust censorship and propaganda program. And we know democracy can’t exist with censorship in place. Some thought leaders like Charles Eisenstein would gently encourage us to look even deeper into the root of why this is happening. I believe those are wise words for people who have time to write books about it fireside in twenty years. But for now, people need to eat, and they need to stop dying from a virus that a six-dollar medication can cure. New Zealand used HCL feverishly during their short Covid breakout in addition to many other countries who were committed to moving forward, and they are currently free from Covid. We’ll be analyzing the roots of this humanitarian crisis for years to come, and we’ll utter banalities like “never again” and “we bear witness” and all the once meaningful phrases that have now been entirely replaced with, “wear your fucking mask you selfish redneck”.  (By the way many of those non-mask wearing people I’ve met are doctors). The science is clear on masks, and it’s also clear that the science doesn’t matter. What matters is whether the masks are being used as a device to keep us stuck.

If the problem is the virus, we have proof that it’s manageable, but the reaction to the virus is not something we can muscle through in our current state of emotional and psychological paralysis. It’s too big, too many layers deep and it happened over decades when we were busy living our lives and letting the government do their job. But as Justice Brandeis said, “The most important political office is that of a private citizen.” The main difference I see between my fellow Americans and our European counterparts is that we think by just being a good person, we are enabling the solution. While being a good person is important on so many levels in good times and crazy times, we would be naive to think that was actually enough during this kind of existential meltdown. How many countries in the midst of a civil war, a genocide, or revolution had citizens who were mainly working on fine tuning their chakras and social media memes? Not a lot. This week 1.3 Million people devoted to freedom, ethics and bodily sovereignty showed up to the streets of Germany to let the world know, they’re not doing this all over again. Thank you, Germany. I recognize I’m not an activist but simply an observer who at a young age dreamed of what I would do when faced with the real stories of my parents as children during the Holocaust. They gave me a life where I could take the time to road trip and better myself, learn French and take a boat from Greece to Israel during college. But now, after all these decades of enjoying my Americanism, it’s time to do what all our ancestors had to do at one time or another. It’s time to shit or get off the pot of freedom.  This is precisely where the rubber meets the road and I do believe whether we see the road coming or not, it will be there to meet us when we least expect it. So, let’s get ahead of that by speaking and seeking the truth even when our truth is not aligned with the accepted truth. Only by letting go of your existing beliefs can you really embrace your truth.


(Keep in mind links posted below reveal inconvenient truths and could be censored and removed. If so, contact me for links). Stay tuned for my next essay on censorship!











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